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Suomen Keikkalasku, invoicing serviceTerms of Service and Conditions of Use (effective as of 15.7.2021)

1. Introduction
By using the invoicing service provided by Suomen Keikkalasku, the user agrees to be bound by these terms. The terms of service explain the contents of the contractual relationship between Suomen Keikkalasku and the user of this service.

Suomen Keikkalasku reserves the right to decide whom to accept as a service user. Suomen Keikkalasku uses the information it receives from the user in connection with the invoicing request to invoice on behalf of the user. The user of the service is responsible for providing the correct invoicing information.

2. The Relationship Between Suomen Keikkalasku and the Service User
Suomen Keikkalasku and theservice user enter into a formal employment arrangement that does not complywith §1 of Finnish employment contract law (2001:55). The user works as an independent party, not under the authority, direction orsupervision of Suomen Keikkalasku. 

3. User Responsibilities and Obligations
The service user is obliged tosubmit correct personal data to Suomen Keikkalasku. The user understandsthat they are considered an independent party (entrepreneur as primary orsecondary occupation) in any cases related to unemployment benefits. The serviceuser agrees to obtain self-employed persons' pension insurance when required bylaw and stature (when 2021 gross earnings exceed 8063,57€ and when thecontinuous use of this service exceeds 4 months). The user is obliged to notify the service if the user's gross totalincome exceeds 8063,57€ during the calendar year, combined from all otherpossible invoicing services or other sources that can be equated with entrepreneurialincome. If the sum of 8063,57€ is exceeded,Suomen Keikkalasku is obliged to retroactively collect health insurance fees fromthe user (see 4, Expenses).

The service user assumesresponsibility for ensuring that all communication with and information givento Suomen Keikkalasku is truthful. The service user assumes responsibility forall incorrect information they submit to Suomen Keikkalasku. Working in aprofessional capacity, the user must ensure their fees do not undercut possibleminimum fees negotiated by general collective agreements in their field of work.

SuomenKeikkalasku does not cover insurance (accident insurance or liabilityinsurance). If insurance is required for work, it is the user's obligation totake out insurance.

4. Expenses
Aservice fee, in accordance with the price list, and any other previously agreedon additional fees, will be deducted from the user in connection with paymentof wages. The cost of compulsory health insurance, 1,53% of gross wages, willonly be deducted from those users who have self-employed persons' pensioninsurance currently in force, or whose combined income (equated with businessincome) exceeds 8063,57€ during 2021.

5. Invoicing and Payment
SuomenKeikkalasku commits to process the user's invoicing request within threeworking days of receiving it, assuming that the invoicing request contains allnecessary information.

SuomenKeikkalasku will pay the user the invoiced sum, from which the service willdeduct the service user's withholding tax (according to the user's tax payercard, to be submitted to the service) and all fees and expenses mentioned in paragraph 4. The payment will be processed within three working days of the datethe invoiced party's payment is registered on Suomen Keikkalasku's account.

Inconnection to the invoicing service, Suomen Keikkalasku will charge VAT andaccount for it to the tax administration, when applicable. Suomen Keikkalasku will submitan employer payroll report to all instances that require it according to law.

Suomen Keikkalasku assumes noresponsibility for any possible delays caused by disturbances in the paymenttransaction of the bank.  

6. Limitation of Liability
Suomen Keikkalasku assumes noresponsibility for the validity or legitimacy of the invoicing requests. Suomen Keikkalasku does notarbitrate in any possible conflicts between the user of the invoicing service andthe invoiced party.  

7. Term of Contract
The contract between SuomenKeikkalasku and the user comes into effect when the user agrees to be bound by theterms of service in connection with issuing an invoicing request. The service contract shall befor an unlimited duration.

8. Confidential Information
Suomen Keikkalasku agreesto keep all the information pertaining to the user of the service absolutely confidential.Suomen Keikkalasku agrees not to use or disclose the user's confidentialinformation except for in the purpose of providing them the service.

9. Disputes and Governing Law
All disputespertaining to this agreement shall be settled at the district court ofHelsinki, as the court of first instance. This agreement is governed by andshould be interpreted under Finnish law.